If you're a prospective graduate student who is interested in working with me in the Comparative Ethnic Studies Ph.D. Program, please send me an email well in advance of the application deadline with a statement explaining your goals for graduate study, any relevant skills or research experience, and how you see your interests aligning with my overall research and topical foci. Also be sure to attach a current CV or resume.


Below is a list of undergraduate and graduate courses I typically offer, although be sure to check with me or my department regarding the most current information.

Introduction to Native American and Indigenous Studies

An introductory-level survey of the field. View syllabus.

Critical Issues in Native North America

An intermediate-level course on pressing contemporary issues for American Indian and First Nations peoples. View syllabus.

American Indians and National Parks

A themed first-year seminar on Indigenous peoples and national parks in the United States and beyond. View syllabus.

Indigenous Peoples in Global Perspective

An advanced undergraduate course that addresses indigeneity and Indigenous experiences using a global lens. View syllabus.

Native American and Indigenous Environmental Issues

An advanced undergraduate / graduate-level course that addresses tribal environmental policy, traditional ecological knowledge systems, food sovereignty, environmental justice, and other relevant topics. View syllabus.

Comparative Geographies of Indigenous Environments

A graduate seminar that explores Indigenous political ecologies in global perspective. Syllabus forthcoming.